Noshir Patel discovered his passion for wedding photography in 2003 when he shot his first wedding. "Weddings are such dynamic and exciting events, and it's a wonderful feeling to have captured and provided images to people that will be special to them their whole lives. It's very rewarding, both on an artistic and personal level."

Documentary Style

Nosh doesn't direct or interfere with a couple's wedding day. He watches and waits for those fleeting moments, the flash of a smile, tears welling up, the look a father gives his daughter, the look a new husband gives his new wife. The result is photography that represents the events of the day as they unfolded.

Just Enough Traditional

Although documentary style photography makes up the majority of Noshir's work, almost every bride and groom will want a few traditional group shots (and their parents almost certainly will). Through pre-wedding day planning, Nosh helps couples find the balance to get the traditional shots they want without taking up too much of the wedding day.

On your wedding day so much will happen.
Remember it All.